VRF System Maintenance

Variable Refrigerant Flow popularly known as VRF is an advanced cooling technology that circulates the minimum amount of refrigerant needed. This makes it super-efficient and a power saver.

Shaheen Group provides the world VRF system maintenance in Bahrain with design flexibility, premium comfort, and superior performance. We provide smart products for smarter businesses.

Our VRF system service in Bahrain lets you discover different types of innovative VRF HVAC systems. The systems offer just the right solution for different climatic conditions.

Wide Operating Range
VRF systems are designed to operate at a different temperature range starting from 120°F (49°C) ambient to as low as -13°F (-25°C). The wide operating range makes it the most district cooling system in Bahrain.

We are the most trusted and renowned service provider in the kingdom that includes all HAVC supply, installation & execution works in the Kingdom.
Our automated duct factory is equipped with top-notch and state-of-the-art machinery. All our machinery meets the required specifications & delivery schedule. These are designed and developed under the supervision of our experienced & proficient staff as per the customer requirements.


Shaheen Group

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