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At Shaheen Group, we believed for any product and installed system, “After-Sales Service” is essential in assuring proper operation and protecting and prolonging the working life of the installation.

Shaheen Electromechanical is the dedicated department for the servicing of air-conditioning, duct and water tank cleaning, fire safety, security systems and plumbing, having on call our own 24/7 multi-disciplinary service teams.

With over 175 staff we offer service contracts, retro-fittings and (emergency) repairs, assuring your AC – or any other installation – is fully operational at any time.

Additionally, our Indoor Environmental Solutions department is specialized in air-conditioning and kitchen exhaust duct cleaning and degreasing for reducing the risks of fires as well as respiratory issues due to airborne particles spread through AC ducts.

Shaheen Electromechanical customers include hotels, hospitals, offices and residential, villa compounds as well as government bodies.

We believe that providing excellent After Sales Service is a commitment, and we take it very seriously to care for our valued customers. For that, we started this new Indoor Environmental Solutions (IES) in 2011.

With a team of highly qualified personnel armed with the latest technology, this division is currently engaged in contracts all over the Kingdom of Bahrain and will expand into the eastern province of KSA.

Duct cleaning is not a luxury of this age, rather, it is a pressing necessity.

In kitchens, whether in villas, hospitals, hotels or restaurants, duct degreasing and cleaning will eradicate the risk of possible fire.

For air conditioning ducts at villas, offices, hospitals and restaurants, duct cleaning will protect individuals from serious respiratory issues.

Working Hours

Our support team available
24/7 Tel : 17 81 46 46

Saturday-Thursday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Friday: Closed


17 81 35 35

Address: Mina Salman Avenue، Building 285, Road 4306, Block 343، Manama 405, Kingdom Of Bahrain


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