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At Shaheen Electromechanical W.L.L, our team has over 30+ years’ experience in the market regarding to the maintenance activities for MEP scope of works. Currently we are engaged with multiple contracts covering the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We strive to be one of the leading companies in the “Service provider segment” in the kingdom renowned for “Excellence, Quality, Performance and Reliability”. Our experienced team serves to refurbishment, maintenance & cleaning services in maintenance related to Kitchen-hood, Air-duct & exhaust system works across Bahrain.


Our team is trained & certified with "Confined space entry, Health & Safety and First aid" response for any kind scope and requirements that arises at the job site.

We at SEMCO (Shaheen Group) firmly believe that for any product and installed system – “Post installation Service” plays a quintessential role in assuring proper operation, protecting, and prolonging the working life or the longevity of the installation (product).

Keeping this in mind, Indoor Environmental Solutions under Shaheen Electromechanical, a division of Shaheen Group was setup & over the years we have grown to provide below mentioned services to our esteemed customers & client’s. You can access our 24/7 multi-disciplinary service teams who are constantly on the move across the region; setup with separate teams for different areas of the kingdom to facilitate instant & maximum attention to our loyal customers.

With a team of highly qualified personnel armed with the latest technology, our policy is to customize each contract to suit the customer’s requirements, setting specific execution schedule in advance with the client so that they can be at ease. The project will then be executed in a way that meets these objectives of the clients and meets high standards consistently.

Applications / Activities include -


Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning:

At IES -SEMCO, we take advantage of the latest cleaning method & machinery we have on board that comply with NFPA#96 (National Fire Prevention Authority) standards for prevention of fire hazards. We take pride in providing highest quality kitchen-hood cleaning service available in the industry. Our team are specialized in the complete cleaning of kitchen hoods, ducts & exhaust systems.

AC Duct Cleaning:

We believe Air purification is a process which should always be carried out by professionals and finding the right company with the right tools and trained professionals for the job is vital to ensuring that your HVAC systems are cleaned to a highest standard.

At IES-SEMCO, you can be rest assured of the services as we provide you with detailed inspection by our trained professionals using Robotic inspection equipment’s which can determine the accumulated debris / waste on the surface which contributes to the poor air quality & other health risks.

HVAC vent cleaning in residential locations can remove build-up of dirt, dust, and dander, all of which can circulate within your ducting system and around the home, worsening any allergies & reducing energy efficiency of your HVAC system.


Duct inspection:

At IES-SEMCO, we are always looking to provide innovative solutions to our esteemed customers. In this segment of cleaning inspections, the robotic equipment helps us reach out into the confined spaces with limited access with its HD Camera images & video shots. This also help us save valuable time to determine the site scenario & in return optimize the solutions for the customers.

The robotic equipment can also highlight the leftovers inside the ducts mainly during the post construction stage - like screws, bolts, nuts or similar debris which makes rattling noises or vibrations in the ducts when air flow is in action.

Water Tank Cleaning:

At IES-SEMCO, we cater to all sizes & types of water tank cleaning activities. We do inspections & basis that provide optimum solution for our customers hygiene requirements.

Our team of experts will make sure your tank is cleaned and disinfected ensuring that the customer is being provided with clean, safe, clear water. Our one-time Water tank cleaning service includes draining the tank, dislodging and removing residue, disinfecting, scrubbing and pressure-washing all tank surfaces as well as drying and refilling the tank. We can clean most tanks within 2 – 4 hours, ensuring minimal interruption to water supply at your residential / commercial locations.



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We believe that providing excellent After Sales Service is a commitment, and we take it very seriously to care for our valued customers. For that, we started this new Indoor Environmental Solutions (IES) in 2011.

With a team of highly qualified personnel armed with the latest technology, this division is currently engaged in contracts all over the Kingdom of Bahrain and will expand into the eastern province of KSA.

Duct cleaning is not a luxury of this age, rather, it is a pressing necessity.

In kitchens, whether in villas, hospitals, hotels or restaurants, duct degreasing and cleaning will eradicate the risk of possible fire.
For air conditioning ducts at villas, offices, hospitals and restaurants, duct cleaning will protect individuals from serious respiratory issues.

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