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About Us

Awal Solar is a subsidiary of SHAHEEN GROUP HOLDING B.S.C Closed family.

Awal Solar, a professionally managed organization, committed to offering complete customer satisfaction. Keeping in mind the growing needs of the Kingdom & with it the opportunities, the company is preparing to expand its operations into this segment of "Sustainable energy". The management and the employees are equally dedicated to the growth by focusing on being a customer centric company.

The headquarters located in the Mina Salman Industrial City comprises of our corporate office, Duct shop, store and warehouse facility that have adequate storage and related activities to accommodate.

Our automated duct factory for air-conditioning ducting works is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for shear cutting, press rolling & bending following DW & SMACNA standards, meeting the required specifications & delivery schedule.

We have supplementary warehousing & manufacturing unit in the Sitra Industrial Area, dedicated specially for the Gypsum / GRC / GRG related activities wherein all manufacturing of the design & mould’s is undertaken in supervision of our experienced & proficient staff as per the customer’s or clients customized selection or based on actual site requirement.

We strive to be one of the leading companies in the “Service provider segment” in the kingdom renowned for “Excellence, Quality, Performance and Reliability” related to Solar related projects – including complete EPC and O&M works in the Kingdom for our valued customers.

As Shaheen Group (Holding Company B.S.C. closed) we are diversified into multiple segments like
A. Awal Products
B. Gulf Services
C. Gypsum Products
D. Shaheen Electromechanical
E. Awal Solar

Services we do

“Capturing the sun through smart technology”

At Awal Solar, we offer complete turn-key renewable energy solutions tailored for a broad spectrum from clients, which include commercial, residential, and industrial facilities.

Trapezoidal Metal Roofs
Flat Roof Systems
Carport Systems

We operate as a specialist contractor providing complete EPC services (design / supply / installation) along with the O&M (operation & maintenance) packages for the projects for commercial and residential projects under the umbrella of its holding company Shaheen Group Holding BSC Closed, representing market leading brands like GREENHECK / BOSCH / LENNOX etc. from U.S.A, Germany, Turkey & many other geographical locations within the Shaheen Group portfolio.

  • Awal Solar delivers you with customized designs (based on site conditions)
  • From concept and planning to installation & maintenance
  • We provide the latest quality products & innovations
  • Latest technology with engineering intelligence
  • Complete solution for our valued customers / clients
  • We assist all types of commercial & residential projects of all sizes
  • Backed up with excellent customer services & after sales support

Applications / Activities include -


EPC - Design of the project

Supply & Installation


Commissioning & testing

EWA approval


Operation & maintenance


Licence Certificate

Awal Solar, is a Level - B certified EWA contractor & can undertake projects upto 1.0 MW in the kingdom.

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Working Hours

Our support team available
24/7 Tel : 17 81 46 46

Saturday-Thursday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Friday: Closed


17 81 35 35

Address: Mina Salman Avenue، Building 285, Road 4306, Block 343، Manama 405, Kingdom Of Bahrain


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