About Us


The headquarters located in the Mina Salman Industrial City include our corporate office, AC Duct Shop, Store and Warehouse facility that have sufficient storage and related activities to accommodate.

Furthermore, we have supplementary warehousing & manufacturing unit in the Sitra Industrial Area, dedicated specially for the Gypsum / GRC / GRG related activities wherein all manufacturing of the design & mould’s is undertaken in supervision of our experienced & proficient staff as per the customer’s or clients customized selection or based on actual site requirement.

The company has diversified itself into various product classes like

  • Awal Products
  • Gulf Services
  • Gypsum Products
  • Shaheen Electromechanical - SEMCO
  • Awal Solar

Our Vision

The goal of Shaheen Group is to be an innovative, entrepreneurial, and empowered entity constantly creating values and attaining global benchmarks.

Our Mission

Our aim is to offer our clients the best of attention at all times & focus on delivering the best of our customer services compiled with efficient, economical & advanced technology.


Shaheen Group

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