Consolidating on our Strengths

The Shaheen Group began as AWALCO in the Kingdom of Bahrain during 1958. As Bahrain entered a new age of modernity and economic achievement, the company simultaneously moved into the future, accompanied by its reputation for pro-active service and innovation.

Seeking new and challenging horizons as well as responding to market needs, the company established subsidiary units with the same high levels of quality and performance.
Combining our two greatest assets for future success, our people and technology, we continually focus on customer satisfaction as our prime priority. Now, over half a century later, we have consolidated our diverse strengths under a new corporate identity: the SHAHEEN GROUP

Shaheen Group embodies our ambition to see into the future and beyond: anticipating customer needs, utilizing the latest technologies and integrating the expertise of our people in order to provide a wide array of top quality products and turn-key services.

Awal Products for HVAC; Gulf Services for Fire Safety; Gypsum Products and Fit-out Design as well as SEMCO for Service and Maintenance are now flying under the banner of the Shaheen Group.








Qualified staff

Team work

We work together, building strong partnerships and relationships with our clients, partners and colleagues.

Our safety

Safety is the cornerstone of Shaheen Group operations. Our philosophy “Our work is never so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely”