Chilled Water System

Chilled water systems have become an essential product for all premises and buildings. Buying the best water cooled chiller or chilled water system according to your needs and budget might become a hectic process.

Shaheen group takes care of all the processes including safe delivery, installation and maintenance services in Bahrain. We expertise in a range of products related to the chilled water system and its related parts. Following are some of our key products:

1. Air cooled Chillers
2. Water cooled chillers
3. Chilled water pumps
4. Air handling units
5. treated fresh air handling units
6. Heat exchangers
7. Chilled water pipe and fitting
8. Water tank cleaning

We understand the importance of efficient and effective work and are committed to provide top services to our customers. We have trained and experienced employees ensuring effortless service that includes delivery, installation and maintenance service to you.

Shaheen Group has proven records and testimonials of our customers that verifies our extent of commitment to our client. We are the top choice for any service related to the chilled water system and related products in Bahrain. Contact us now and get customized and best quality solutions for your requirement in minimal time and effort.


Shaheen Group

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