BOSCH Residential AC Units

BOSCH residential AC units in Bahrain are highly efficient and easy to install and maintain AC units. Along with this, they are highly popular among the residents for being an exceptional alternative to traditional HVAC systems. The BOSCH AIR conditioning units in Bahrain utilize advanced technologies to achieve a 22 SEER rating. This is the main reason it utilizes less electricity and thus gives significant relief to your electric bill.

BOSCH air conditioning units are ideal for spaces where ductwork is ineffective. They are comprised of three main parts – the indoor air handler, the outdoor condensing section, and the piping line set. They can be fitted very easily in difficult places as well.

Some additional features include the Bosch air conditioners’ silent setting and low sound levels to 20 dbas.

BOSCH Boilers in Bahrain are top-quality boilers that are designed to deliver maximum satisfaction to the users. They are premium quality, flexible, and highly dependable thermal boilers in Bahrain.

With a small footprint, minimal clearance requirements, and output ranges from 800 to 8192MBH, these boilers can be utilized in almost any application. This is the reason they are ideal for residential and commercial purposes.

Shaheen group offers a range of Residential AC Units across the Middle East and South Asia. Get in touch our experts for any similar requirements.


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