BMS System Maintenance

Planned maintenance is essential for the long run of any instrument, space, or machine, and is well defined as performing services, inspection and testing services.

Shaheen Group specializes in delivering any such services at affordable and efficient prices in Bahrain. Building Management System (BMS) includes a set of activities that needs to be checked and maintained timely to ensure smooth run of the facilities. We have specialized teams for different BMS systems like HVAC works, swimming pool maintenance, temperature controller system and other related things in Bahrain.

Following are some of the major BMS systems that we expertise in
1. Reactive maintenance: Maintenance services needed in emergency situation
2. Planned preventive maintenance: Planned routine activities like clean AC filters, oiling generators, cleaning and sanitizing swimming pools
3. Upgrades and optimisation: Upgrade the existing facility to provide optimum services

We at Shaheen Group have trained professional staff to take care of any such maintenance activity in Bahrain. We have proven record of high quality delivery in the following fields
1. BMS system maintenance in Bahrain
2. Swimming pool maintenance in Bahrain
3. Generator maintenance in Bahrain
4. Temperature controller system in Bahrain


Shaheen Group

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