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Shaheen Group is among the top HVAC companies in Bahrain. We have trained and experienced professionals to take care of all your HVAC related installation and supply work for you. We undertake a wide range of HVAC work for residential, industrial, infrastructure and construction sectors. Following are some of our key area of works in Bahrain
1. HVAC installation
2. AHU unit supply
3. HVAC maintenance

We at SEMCO (Shaheen Group) are dedicated towards our quality of services, and strictly abide by Supreme Council of Environment Norms & Laws; and we also have technicians certified with ERL license. Our expertise in HVAC business and hence are certified and provide best HVAC installation and unit supplier services in Bahrain. Our top products include AHU (Air handling units), treated fresh air handling units, close control/precision control unit, VRF system, DX system and many more.

We cater to diverse customers and demands and can provide customized solution and services according to the need of the customers. We are committed to deliver the highest quality product and services to our customers through our modern technological solution. Following are some of key customer sector we cater to
1. Multi-storey buildings
2. Shopping malls
3. Hypermarkets
4. Palaces
5. Factories
6. Industries
7. Restaurants
8. Hotels
9. Hospital
Ministry facility etc.


Shaheen Group

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